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feel the rain on your skin

no one else can feel it for you

19 September

Right now my journal is using a customized plain ol' livejournal layout.
However, if there's a graphic or fandom-based layout, then I'm the one who
made it, so please don't steal it. Actually, I don't really care. You can
steal it. That'd be kinda flattering. And I probably won't find you out
anyway. HOWEVER, please don't steal my photos. You know, the ones I take
with my actual camera instead of finding through google. I like those.
I like them being mine. I'm going to be very possessive about them.

About icons: I usually like to make my own icons, but I definitely credit
anyone else's. If you see an icon that I didn't make without a credit,
chances are I didn't write down the author's name or it's an icon I found
years ago. So if you know the creator, please let me know so I can give
them due credit.

“It is by chance that we met, by choice that we became friends...”

I don't usually decline requests. The only time I will do so is if you are
clearly an advertisement ploy, a spamoholic, or just interested in getting as
many livejournal usernames on your friends list as you possibly can. I try to
read the journals I add/add me as often as I can, and while I don't expect
you to find my journal fascinating or particularly important, I will have more
interest in you if you seem genuinely friendly.

HEIGHT: 5'0.5"
WEIGHT: Relative to that of a small, slightly malnourished elephant.
ETHNICITY: Caucasian (My family is mixed. We have Indian, Japanese and Irish, but somehow I'm the only one that looks like a pale little white girl.)
STYLE: It transforms more often than Lady Gaga's...but lately I've been enjoying feminine dresses and hairstyles.
INTERESTS: Psychology, fitness, cosmetology, cultures, languages, philosophy, religion,
literature, anime, cooking, dancing (though I'm terrible), roadtrips, etcetcetc
TV GENRE: I like those ones that have a bit of everything.
MUSIC GENRE: I like a bit of everything, but I really resent songs with unfeeling
or trashy lyrics. Yeah I'm a prude.
FAVORITE QUOTE: "What is the most important out of peace, joy, love?"
"No. Loyalty."

...10 FACTS...
10. I speak Japanese (not 100% fluently, maybe more like 60%)
9. I am studying French next but I also want to learn Korean and Russian.
8. My nickname in school was 'Hermione' because we share birthdays
7. I still have selective mutism even though I'm now an adult
6. I can't stand to watch people shaving
5. A very expressive dreamer; I laugh, talk or cry for real, according to my dream
4. I hate onions. No I love them. But they make me actually sob.
3. There's a word for a person like me: 'tsundere'. It's Japanese. It refers to a person who appears cold and reserved on the outside, but is actually lovey and warm on the inside.
2. I can't focus in a balanced environment. It must either be extremely neat or extremely messy.
1. I rarely feel attached to anyone.